what happened to ben at classic firearms

What Happened to Ben At Classic Firearms?

In the recently released movie “BEN THE GIANT,” Ben Kingsley plays an antique firearms collector who is very proud of his guns and collection. One day, while relaxing at his home, he befriends a young woman who wears a beautiful dress. He purchases her gift (a pistol) and continues to spend time with her, even entertaining her.

A short time later, Ben gets a phone call from his friend Karen. Karen informs him that her husband, Arthur, has been killed in a mysterious shooting. Ben rushes to the scene and finds the dead body of Arthur, who was shot through the head. Though Ben is too shaken up to enter the house, he sees his best friend, Karen, enter and hears her describe the scene of the tragedy. Thinking it was a home invasion, he leaves the scene in search of answers.

Two weeks later, Ben receives another phone call from Karen. This time, she is frantic and tells him that her husband was murdered because of something the woman bought him months ago. The name of the item is “Winchester rifle.” Ben goes to the police station to talk to the investigating officer, but he is told that there is nothing that can be done because the weapon was an antique.

Frustrated, Ben decides not to pursue the case no matter what. Instead, he returns home and starts thinking about Karen. Eventually, he tells her about his friend Arthur and his “enchanted gun.” Intent on doing some research on the gun for himself, he asks his friend, tycoon, to come to his office so he can show him the gun. Much to his shock, his friend’s boss tells him that the gun is an antique and Ben is not supposed to touch it.

When Ben arrives home, his mother tells him that he cannot touch the gun because it is an antique. At first, Ben tries to explain that he bought the gun for his own use and not for his friend’s use. His mother tells him not to touch the gun because it might lead to his untimely death. However, Ben decides to go ahead anyway, so his mother leaves.

Once there, Ben finds out that the gun is an antique and is in pretty good shape. After examining it further, he learns that the man who sold it to him was a collector and had it appraised at three times its actual value. Upon learning this, Ben decides to purchase the gun for himself. Shortly thereafter, his friend arrives at his office and surprises him with his possession. Now, Ben and his friend are partners.