when storing firearms and ammunition

Safe Hunter Safety – Always Shoot Weapon At The Right Distance From The Proximity of Your Children

When storing firearms and ammunition, among the most important tips is that you must be very careful, or you could lose them forever. You have been warned. Read on for further advice.

Whenever children can be around, whether their, your, a neighbor’s or family member’s, you should take additional security measures when storing firearms and ammunition at home. Always keep the firearm completely unloaded. Use a double-sided gun’s safety device and store the firearm securely in a locked storage container. Never cross links the ammo, so as to prevent it from shooting or bouncing when the next person or animal walks by. Following these recommendations will ensure that you do not lose ammunition.

In addition to keeping the ammunition completely unloaded, you should never point a loaded gun at any human being or animal, even if they are not in the line of fire. You have already been warned. Never pull the trigger unless you are prepared to shoot the gun and kill the person or animal if need be. Although this is commonly known as the old saying about pointing the gun at your enemy, which is false, the reality is that if you are unable to shoot accurately, pulling the trigger will do absolutely nothing other than disorient anyone close enough to the barrel.

Another additional safety tip when storing firearms and ammunition at home is to keep the ammunition stored in a separate location. Although the gun may appear to be fully loaded, ammunition charges slowly expand. Therefore, if you fail to lock up your ammunition, any charges could significantly increase. It is also advisable to store the ammunition in a separate location than where the child will have access to it, just as you would a bottle of aspirin.

Which of the following should be used when shooting a shotgun? When using a shotgun, the person should always face the shotgun’s muzzle. The reason is that, unlike handguns, shotgun ammunition is usually shot in an upward motion. Therefore, if you fail to align the muzzle of the shotgun with the bore, you can cause injury or death to yourself or others.

Which of the following should be used when storing firearms and ammunition for hunting? A safe hunter never shoot a firearm unless it is unloaded and in a closed ammunition container. Although it is possible to purchase pistol safes that allow you to store firearms without the need for a special storage area, it is not recommended because a pistol’s muzzle can easily jam a shotgun and both guns must be fired to prevent injury or death. Keep the muzzle safety on whenever you fire any gun.