what happened to red jacket firearms

What Happened To Red Jacket Firearms?

What happened to red jacket firearms? On the History channel show “Sins of Identity Theft” there was a report about the closure of this gun shop in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Many times they showed a scene of chaos inside the store with people panicking. There were two handguns found in the store with two deceased persons. We know there were two deceased because they have been identified and named as Frank Dupree and his son Dewayne Dupree.

Red Jacket Firearms was actually a reality show that originally aired on Discovery Channel. The show features the shop located in Baton Rouge (Lafayette) Louisiana, USA. The store was operated and owned by Will Hayden. In the episode titled “The Recession” which can be viewed on the Discovery Channel website you can see pictures of everyday people going in to the store to buy guns such as a mother with a teenage boy.

On the first day of opening the shop Mr. Hayden showed an employee a handgun that was waiting for its delivery to their shop. He then went inside to inspect it. When he returned, he informed the employees that he had just taken two handguns from the store and was going to break in to one of them to see if it was loaded. He then brandished his weapon, pointing it at one employee and another clerk.

One of the employees tried to call the store manager but received no answer and then called out the warehouse where the gun was kept. They called the store owner and tried to explain that they did not know whether or not the inventory of the guns that were coming in that day was correct. After explaining how the inventory worked the owner told the manager he would get back with the inventory that day. Two hours later the two men were talking on the phone while the warehouse was emptying out boxes of ammunition when the armed robber confronted them.

Later that day the store owner was shopping at the local grocery store with his son. As they were standing in line to purchase food, the man started to feel very nervous. He then put his hands up in the air in a gesture to show he was notifying anyone that he had a gun. The store manager did not hear the gesture and did not stop him from leaving with his groceries. The store manager also did not call the police as the man left with all of his groceries.

Two men, who were unemployed, got out of their cars and walked into the small store. Once they entered the store, they pointed their guns at the clerk who was holding the weapons and demanded money from him. After he gave them all of his money, the two men forced him to open the cash register and removed $3 dollars from his pocket. Once they took the money, the two men ran out of the store while the clerk remained behind with the money.